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     "I haven’t worked with a female consultant before. My company is already successful. In the time I’ve been working with Dr. Dona as my Executive Consultant Coach I've finally been able to enjoy my success.

My thing is that I have to control everything and the stress was killing me. She’s taught me how use to use Emo Intel to restructure of my work habits and stay calmer. I have ADD and she understands how to work with my "gift" !

I have time for family now and that’s worth gold.

(T.L., Redondo Beach,CA).

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     "I'm glad that I have the opportunity to write about my experience with Dr. Dona. I have a legal background and am an entrepreneur with a medium size business.

I started seeing Dr. Dona when I was dealing with the after effects of a major stressor in my life, but I continued seeing her as my Personal Coach and Business Consultant because her feedback was, and is, very valuable to me.  I tend to ask her to be "the voice or reason" in my life.

Her style is friendly and comfortable. In my opinion, Dr. Dona's strength is that she comments, not only listens.  In my sessions we have a dialog, a real conversation. I am not doing all the talking.  She gives me thoughtful, thought provoking comments, not just the classic "...and how does that make you feel?" 

I tend to be action oriented.  Dr. Dona works with my style and helped me to create an action plan.  She offers practical suggestions and helps me weigh my ideas and options.  I always feel that I am an active part of the solution.       

If you are looking for a knowledgeable well balanced approach that leaves you firmly in charge I would definitely suggest seeing Dr. Dona.

(A.T., Irvine, CA)

     Thanks once again for the clear, concise and organized summation of our business situation.

This has indeed served as a platform and, as you put it, a linear process and progression of the matter at hand.

Your intelligence & diligence with that wonderful touch of humanity and personalization are so rare and priceless today.

It definitely sets you in an elite league of your own.

(L.C., Laguna Beach)